Ewa Jermakowicz landscape Photographer

About Ewa

Landscape & Nature Photographer

My passions are my addictions and all go together – travel, photography and nature.

I travel to learn, discover and experience. I want to visit different cultures, see different landscapes and wildlife.

I spend most of my free time exploring the natural world; hiking, observing and creating. I love low light and long exposure photography, spending many evenings and nights in remote locations and fighting with myself to wake up for a sunrise.

Photography teaches me to observe and see things around me that remain invisible to many. I see shapes, shades and patterns that create this beautiful world around us. I want to capture its beauty as it is. I never add things to my photographs that are not there. And I’m rarely removing things that do not belong (like a parked car or a footprint in the snow).

I want to share this beauty with you. Let you experience what I experience and see the world through my lens. I want you to be amazed with the world around us. I want all of us to appreciate nature so that together we can care for it better and enjoy it long into the future.

Ewa Jermakowicz landscape Photographer
Ewa Jermakowicz landscape Photographer with her photo of Elephants that was shortlisted for the Sony World Photography Awards 2022
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