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Learn landscape Photography in Switzerland

Join myself and Melvin Nicholson on our Switzerland workshop. Learn new skills as you discover and photograph the stunning Swiss alpine landscapes, mountains and lakes in one of the most beautiful and less discovered regions of the country, Graubünden or Grisons, as it is called in French speaking part of Switzerland.

Local guide

I have lived in Switzerland for many years and know all the best places to photograph.

Great locations

This workshop covers a variety of amazing locations both well-known and unique.

The best scenery

You get to photograph the best scenery, landscapes, mountains and lakes.

Dramatic Alpine Scenery

Switzerland is without doubt home to some of the most amazing scenery in Europe. Famed for its stunning alpine mountains, incredible mountain passes and viaducts it is a landscape photographer’s paradise.

This workshop will take you to the southeast corner of the country, known as the Grisons or Graubünden. We will photograph a diverse set of scenes such as: alpine mountains and passes, iconic red trains and their viaducts, shimmering glacial lakes, churches, castles and fascinating villages.

Workshop Details

Group Size

Max 7


13th – 18th May 2023


5 nights


UK £2,295

Meeting Place

Zurich Airport

A landscape photographer's paradise

Beautiful photo of mountain reflection in a lake Silsersee in Swiss Alps
Silsersee Lake, Switzerland

The Grisons

The Grisons is situated in Switzerland’s southeast. Here you will find 615 lakes, around 1000 mountain summits and 150 valleys.

This region is packed with wonderful scenery as far as your lens will see. You will get to photograph majestic mountains reflected in tranquil lakes.

Beautiful Alpine Sunrises

The most prominent lake is Silsersee near St Moritz. However, all offer wonderful reflections and the chance to capture them during the pre sunrise alpen glow as the first light of the rising sun falls upon the peaks. The perfect way to begin your day of photography.

Buy a canvas, framed or acrylic fine art print. Photo of sunrise at Silsersee in Switzerland with a wooden dock.
Sunrise at Silsersee
Buy a canvas, framed or acrylic fine art print. Photo of a beautiful Valley in Swiss Kanton of Graubunden with sun ray and a river.
Swiss Valley at sunset in Kanton of Grisons

Lush Green Valleys

Our tour will take you through some of the greenest valleys. One-fifth of the Grisons is forested with over 150 high-altitude valleys. The region’s highest peak, Bernina, reaches a staggering 4,049 metres (13,284ft).

Engadine valley is one of Switzerland’s most photogenic places. Its sunny climate, beautiful lakes and rivers, and a stunning alpine backdrop all provide numerous photo opportunities.

Classic Swiss Trains & Viaducts

The most iconic views in this region are of the massive red trains of Bernina Express and scenic Glacier Express crossing viaducts and emerging from mountain tunnels. The Rhaetian Railway transalpine route was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008. There are many great viewpoints where you can photograph them from above.

Buy a canvas, framed or acrylic fine art print. Photo of a train of Rhätische Bahn crossing a bridge over Swiss Grand Canyon
Train of Rhätische Bahn crossing the Swiss Grand Canyon in Grisons
Buy a canvas, framed or acrylic fine art print. Black and white photo of light trails on one of alpine mountain passes with start trails and California campervan.
Bernina Pass at Night

Mountain passes & Light trails

The workshop will feature some stunning mountain passes, including Albula, Bernina, Fluela, Julier, and Maloja. These passes offer unrivalled views of the surrounding peaks. At some of the hairpin bends we’ll be able to capture car light trails at dusk during our long exposure sessions too.

Explore the Grisons with us

I live here in Switzerland, so I am fortunate that I can travel and photograph the Grisons on a regular basis. I look forward to showing you all the beautiful places I have discovered, some known, some not so well known.

Join Melvin and I for an unforgettable five-day Switzerland photo tour and workshop where you will not only learn a lot about photography, but come away with some beautiful photos and memories too.

Switzerland photo tours and workshops

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13th – 18th May 2023

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